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metapho (1)


metapho - view images and tag them with words or phrases


metapho file


metapho lets you tag large numbers of images as efficiently as possible. Although it uses a graphical user interface, it’s intended to be controllable entirely through the keyboard.

It offers two modes, somewhat similar to the vi editor. Normally you’re in “navigational” mode, where you can rapidly move between photos and view and toggle tags. Clicking in a text entry, or typing Return or <Ctrl>Space, will let you add new tags. Hit ESC, Return, or <Ctrl>Space to leave entry mode and return to navigational mode.

Tags will be written to a file named Tags. Metapho tries to be smart about where to write the Tags file, using the highest common directory of the images passed to it on the command line. It will also read tags in from any Tags files that already exist in any of the image directories, and will save those tags (unless changed by the user) along with any new tags added.


Metapho obeys the following keys:

[space] Go to next image.

[backspace] Go to previous image

r, t, [right-arrow] Rotate right (clockwise)

R, T, l, L, [left-arrow] Rotate left (counter-clockwise)

[up-arrow], [down-arrow] Rotate 180 degrees.

Home Go back to the first image.

End Go to the last image.

<Ctrl>q Quit the application, writing any changes to the Tags file.

<Ctrl>d Delete this image file from disk. This will bring up a confirmation dialog; clicking OK or typing another d or <Ctrl>d deletes the file.

a through z or A through Z Toggle the appropriate tag for this image.

Return If in navigation mode: activate the first blank tag and let you type in it. If in entry mode: leave entry mode and return to navigation mode.

<Ctrl>Space Stop typing in a tag field and move to the next image; or, if not currently in a tag field, activate the next tag and shift focus there.

Escape Ensure focus is not in a text field, so any characters typed will be navigational.

<Ctrl>U Forget all tags for the current image. By default, when moving from one image to a new image that has no tags yet, metapho will copy the tags from the previous image. Use <Ctrl>U to turn these off.

/ Search for tags matching whatever you type. Use Return or ESC to get out of search mode.

<Ctrl>Z Bring up a zoom window where you can view the image in the largest size that fits on your screen, or zoom in to the image’s full resolution. (The zoom window is a new feature in 0.6b1, still buggy.)


Akkana Peck, with initial design input from John Sturdy.


The most recent version of metapho, and more information about it, is at: